Blue Skies, Green Hills

by Various Artists



Blue Skies, Green Hills is a Sonic the Hedgehog tribute album, celebrating 22 years and 3 console generations of Sonic the Hedgehog music. It features a variety of great artists and genres, bringing a fresh take on these classic tunes.


released April 16, 2013

Jeff Ball -
Kozilek -
Meszahline -
Rekcahdam -
Souleye & RaKeeM -
Gryzor87 -
JMickle -
Falk Au Yeong -
doseone -
Matheus Manente -

Track order and mastering:
Falk Au Yeong

Artwork and overall project coordination:
Paul Veer -



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Pietepiet Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Souleye ft. RaKeeM - Final Project (Sonic 2006 Result)
I've come a long way and I ain't gonna stop
and I dont even care if my mind's gonna drop

Cuz the power in me is gonna carry on
I just stopped being weak, till the day I'm gone

The story as it's written you can never change your past
and the future's coming faster than a nuclear blast

My one final project, can never let it go
completion of the task - I gotta make it so

Cuz some of the things that i see in fellow man
power and corruption, took the money and ran

Living out their lives with deceit and regret
Wanna stay alive? Let's play russian roulette


Gotta keep it steady, gotta look up above
Away from all the haters, and be the peace dove

My vision for mankind and its final destiny
Is as clear as day in my mind's eye you see

MJ said we gotta heal the planet
but the game is rigged and we are fucked, god damnit
I don't mind the struggle though i know it's in vain
because I want to feel and I handle the pain


I will take it upon me, some will call me insane
as maybe one day I will end up being slain

by the forces in the end I wanted to save
and that is the irony of anything we crave

All the things we want, material or not
we just stir it all up, never look in the pot

We see the bitter end, and we know we wanna flee
but no matter how fast you can't escape your destiny

We're selling our crap and saying it's the cure
but nothing really matters, and no-one's really sure

For the guy who says he knows what is really going on
doesn't know where we go when the credits are gone


As I take a step back and contemplate our fate
I see we're going down at a fucking fast rate

And all that we can do is watch the ship go down
does it matter if you're poor? Do you wear a crown?

Now I'm not saying you should use the edge
but your money ain't safe sittin' in the hedge

If you are one who's seeking to be true
then try to stay awake, I'll be present with you

and THAT's my final project, I will share it will you all
my dying wish, one hope before I fall

Live for the moment, cuz it's all you really got
the future never came, the past is soon forgot


Be here and be now... Peace!
Track Name: doseone - Aqua Lake Zone